How can I tell when I'm ready to begin counselling?

You might have sought counselling because you are dealing with a significant life trauma such as job loss, a breakup, a bereavement, or you feel there are aspects of your personality you would like to explore further and perhaps even change.

Perhaps your partner, a friend, has indicated that you would benefit from counselling. Your doctor has prescribed talking therapy for lack of sleep or anxiety.

It is no secret that counselling may occasionally be a difficult and stressful process. It is crucial that you be sure that the person you choose for the journey is someone who will make you comfortable, who will understand you, and who will be willing to go with you.

We can arrange an initial session on the phone if you believe you would like to start counselling but are unsure if it is right for you. Most counsellors provide this, giving you a chance to learn more about them and determine whether you feel comfortable with them. It will enable you to choose whether now is the correct time for you to seek counselling.

For the first appointment, I would recommend coming for at least 6 sessions at the same time of day to begin with. After that, I will offer open-ended Counselling you can come for as many sessions as you feel you need.

You might feel that you have too much to say or that you can't get it all out as the first session goes on. Keep in mind that counselling is a journey you will take with your counsellor.

This will take as long as it takes, so allow yourself to go with the process.